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    Unanswered: JPG Photos in Bound Object Frames

    Why do .jpg photos NOT display in Access 2002/2003 Bound object frames, while.bmp photos display properly?

    In Access 2002/2003 .jpg photos are displayed as;"filename.jpg", whereas .bmp files are displayed with the image of the photo.In Access 2000 and earlier (97, 95), both .bmp and .jpg photos display the image in Bound Object frames.

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    I ran into this problem after converting an access 2000 DB to 2003... It has to do with the Microsoft Photo Editor not being installed!

    Quote from

    "MS Photo Editor is commonly used as the OLE Server application in Access picture applications. Photo Editor was an Office component prior to Office 2003, however in Access/Office 2003 MS Photo Editor has been replaced, and Office no longer includes an OLE server for images. In fact, reports indicate that installing Office 2003 may actually remove MS Photo Editor if it is already installed."

    I ended up using the office 2002 CD to install the photo editor, worked like a charm. But I will NEVER embed images in a DB again! Learned my lesson... Creates too much bloat.
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