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Two great bonus codes for new players to www.partypoker.com Use the sign-up bonus code “BONUS4U” to receive $25 on your initial deposit or use the bonus code “BONUSTIME” to receive 20% of your initial deposit up to $100 as an initial bonus gift from www.partypoker.com.

If you are new to poker this is the best place to start. www.partypoker.com is simply HUGE. There are so many people playing and so many games (free or real) that you can basically play any type of game at any time of the day that suits your preference. Most importantly, more players = more fish.

Here is a ScreenShot of a Texas Hold’em Game at Party Poker:

$100 Bonus at Ultimate Bet 10,000+ Players nightly


UltimateBet is a well established site for poker players. It is one of the largest sites on the net and offers some of the best software, graphics and bonus opportunities. For new players to www.ULTIMATEBET.com, use the sign-up bonus code “UB” to receive a 20% gift on your initial deposit up to $100 as an initial bonus gift from www.ULTIMATEBET.com.

Some of the cool things about www.ULTIMATEBET.com are the numerous freerolls, the free money giveaways to low-limit players, the guaranteed minimum prize pool tournaments and their special world poker tour event: the ARUBA www.ULTIMATEBET.com poker classic.

Here is a ScreenShot of a Texas Hold’em Game at UltimateBet:

$100 Bonus at the Poker Room. Best Graphics on the Net!


www.pokerroom.com, is one of the fastest growing gaming sites on the net. www.pokerroom.com is offering a 20% match bonus up to $100 to new players. To receive this bonus, use the Promotion code: “100BONUS”.

www.pokerroom.com has fantastic graphics and a growing group of players due to their advertising in Popular Magazines – such as MAXIM. This is definitely a “players” site and they give back to the players in fun and creative ways.

Here is a screen shot of a Texas Hold’em Game at the Pokerroom:

Lastly, If you are new to playing poker, you should know that playing very tight is generally the best approach to winning. Playing tight starts with the proper hand selection...especially in hold’em. So If you would like, please download this starting hands requirement chart to get you started in the right direction. Please only use it as a guide.

Starting Hands Requirement Chart

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