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    Unanswered: Generating new part numbers

    Hi -

    I have 3 tables... An Item Master (Part number, description, etc), a Number log (just numbers with short descriptions), and a Prefix table (part number prefixes and their descriptions.

    Our Item Master contains parts with customer and supplier part numbers, as well as part numbers that we generate... So I can't use an autonumber field for the part number.

    What I would like to do is this... The user clicks on the new record button in the Item Master form, is prompted to select a prefix (from the prefix table), and a new Item is added to the Item Master table as PREFIX-NEXT_NUMBER_FROM_THE_NUMBERLOG.

    Should be easy... but I'm in the early stages of self-teaching.

    I'd appreciate any advice.

    GS in Ottawa

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    Not an expert

    1) Welcome to the board.
    2) Sorry for the delay on a response.
    3) Please note I am not an expert.
    4) Is your form bound?
    If it is a bound form you could do the following Have an Autonumber field in the table. When you create a new record on the form it starts the record and assogns the auto number number. your user selects the prefix they need to use. the click of a button runs and update query that concatenates the Autonumber field and the Input prefix field and writes it to the record.

    If you need a specific example let me know

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    Still working on the part number generator.

    Thanks for the welcome. Don't worry about the delay. Free help is always appreciated.

    My form is bound to a query that selects all the records from the Parts table.

    I _think_ the problem with a autonumber field is that I need to be able to enter new records that don't follow the autonumber sequence (customer part numbers, etc).

    A specific example might be helpful.



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