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    Unanswered: Creating Report from a Form that has subform

    I have a form with a subform in it and I would like to print the contents of that form to a report. I am able to print now, using a "print" command button, but it only prints one record, just the one that is being displayed. I want to be able to print a report with all the records that are in the filtered result.

    Also, when the press the "print" button I would like to give them an option "Print this record?" "Print All records?". depending on the input, it would print the report.

    Can someone please help me with this? Much appreicated.


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    Report from Form With Subform

    I have done this several times for my customers.

    I recommend you make a report (database object) that has all the information that you want from the form, with subreport(s) that display what is on the subforms. Then create a button on the form labelled "Print Report" that opens the report with the same data that is currently displayed on the form.

    I try to discourage having users try to print the form and use it as the report. The form often has controls (such as buttons) on it that you really don't want on a printed report. Besides, reports can display subreport data with more flexibility than you have on subforms.

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