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    Unanswered: Setting UID and PASSWORD

    Hi Everyone -

    I am trying to create a batch file that will
    unload a database, change the page size
    and reload the data back into the database.

    So far I have...

    1) Unloaded the schema
    2) Unloaded the data
    3) Created a new database using the new page size

    now i'm stuck...

    These are what i need to accomplish...

    1) Create a new user and password for the database
    2) Delete the existing database once the backup is completed
    3) Reload the data once the new one is created

    please advise on the last three steps...


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    hi Tony,
    how do you mean when you say "you are stuck" ?

    i have never worked on page sizes other than the default 2K but the steps you have listed look straighforward...or are they ?

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    If you have used dump and load from a 2K page to a 4K am sorry to say this won't work. You could only use dump and load from different version (e.g. 12.0 to 12.5.x) but not in different page. What I could suggest is this.

    unload the schemas
    unload the data using bcp out
    create the db using new page
    load the data using bcp in

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