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    Unanswered: Form table storage in Access

    Hi all,

    Consider a form in which we have the usual elements - fields, checkboxes, optionbuttons etc. We also have some 2D tables, for example:

    _____________ Full Time __ Part Time __ Temporary __ Exits
    Toilet Cleaners

    This would be filled out by a business, who could have numbers in all the boxes or only a few of them.

    One way of storing this in Access is to create a new field in a table for each cell in the array, so we'd have FullTime_Managment PartTime_Management FullTime_Plebs etc.

    Is there an alternative method for storing data in this format?

    Some of the tables in the form may be quite sizable leading to hundreds of fields in the final database table for this form. I am looking for a solution that minimises the amount of coding/setting up one would have to do to establish the database and also to modify it at a later date.


    Neon Angel
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