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    Unanswered: Finding duplicate values in the same table...

    Hi all. First fof, I'm using Oracle 9i. I have a column and a pretty small table, 10k rows. There is a record for each user that has used this table. One of the columns is their domain ID. I have recently discovered that some individuals have domain ID's with mixed lower, and upper case letters...since Oracle is case sensitive, that is not a good thing. I can easily convert everyone to lower case, however how can i find the duplicate entries? Keep in mind...A duplicate ID as far as I'm concerned is teh same domain ID, whether it is upper or lower case....Any ideas? I appreciate any suggestions you can give me on this.


    Name: Bob Green
    Domain ID: GreenBo

    ID DomainID
    100 GreenBo
    110 greenbo

    I would need to find both of these, and keep one based on the other fields...

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    Use the upper or lower function and group by to first find the duplicates.

    select lower(domainid), count(*) from table
    group by lower(domainid) having count(*) > 1

    Eliminate the record and update the records to case you wish to use.

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    select upper(domainid), count(upper(domainID))
    from small_table
    group by UPPER(DOMAINID)
    having count(upper(domainID)) > 1;
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    Thanks guys, I'll give it a go when I get back to work!

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