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    Unanswered: Federated System

    I'm in trhe midst of creating a federated connection to a database.
    Everything looks good until I get to the "nickname" part. Below is the
    series of commands I executed against the remote database. Each came
    back successful.

    - create wrapper drda

    - create server REMOTEDB2 type DB2/6000 version 8.1 wrapper drda
    authorization "amrobi2" password "amrobi2" options (node 'DB2', dbname

    - create user mapping for amrobi2 server REMOTEDB2
    OPTIONS(remote_authid 'amrobi2', remote_password 'amrobi2')

    - create nickname REMOTEDB2.aimconnection for

    It's this last one that doesn't cooperate. I get the following error:

    SQL1822N Unexpected error code "-30082" received from data source
    "REMOTEDB2". Associated text and tokens are "func="DriverConnect" msg="
    SQL30082N Attempt to esta". SQLSTATE=560BD

    This looks like a user/password issue but from what I can see,
    everything seems okay.
    Can anyone shed any light on what the deal might be?

    Anthony Robinson

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    Did you check that you can connect to that remote database using
    the remote_id and password from native command prompt like sqlplus or isql.
    I have this same problem with sybase , but when I alter the usermapping
    it works.



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    Adding to that, all the previous stage should not give any errors.

    It is when you infact access the datasource, then all comes into play.

    I prefer that you should check with passthru session first.



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