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    Unanswered: learning access/vba


    I have started tinkering with access and looking for an explanation to the following:

    I have recently downloaded some example DBs and come across one where you cannot see the forms at all unless you open the VB editor. Then they appear in a folder called "microsoft office access class objects".

    Why do they not appear in the form object in Access- are they invisible for a reason - can you unhide them?
    How does one go about creating these forms in VBA?

    i can edit and save the forms.

    Just curious!

    thanks in advance


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    I can only assume that the forms have been created in a Visual Basic (not the VBA that is shipped with Access/Office) and then imported or something into Access?! Which version of Access are you using?

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    I would be curious to see this. Could you post the link to where you found the DB?

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