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    I've been working on a Access Database with several Tables in it. I created a form with the wizard and picked all the fields that I wanted from all of the tables. Things were working fine. I then wanted to add a couple of fields in one of the tables. After this, I can't create any text boxes on the form because I can't seem to pick them on the control source properties. The fields I just added are not on the field list and I'm not sure I know how to add them with the expression builder.


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    Have you chanegd the underlying tables? If so then your problem is almos certainly down to a query that is being used in the form designer

    opne the form in design mode, view the properties for the form ,select the data tab as see what the record source is. If its the same name as the table then sorry can't help you any more
    if not then you need to alter the query to include the new columns aswell.

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