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    Unanswered: restore time different on different servers

    I'm using db2 7.2 on win2000/NT servers. The dabase is DMS type.

    I've this strange performance issue. I've a backup image of about 45 GB which takes 1 hr to restore on 2 servers where as the same image takes more than 4 hrs to restore on 2 other servers.
    All servers are of same configurations except for one difference.
    The servers which take longer to restore have "basic" disk types (found in windows disk management) where as the faster servers have "dynamic" disk types.
    Finding this, we tried to switch back a "basic" server to dynamic. But the performance did not improve. So, I'm not sure about what exactly is going on. May be there is something else causing difference in the timings. I dont know whether disk type can affect the DB2 performance.

    I would like to know if anyone has similar experiece or any thoughts on this issue.

    Thanks a lot,

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    In case anyone is wondering about this performance problem I posted, it was not the disk type, but the cache settings that were different on these servers. The Read/Write Cache settings on the RAIDs were not set to Enabled on the slow servers and causing the backups to be slow.

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