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    Unanswered: DAO.dbengine.36

    I am using MS Office 2003 Outlook to create forms. I am using VBA code for these forms. Does anybody know what DBEngine I should be using and how do I know if I have the right one loaded? I am getting an error when I come to this line:
    Function Item_Open()
    ' Pull down for client information
    Dim rst1
    Dim dao
    Dim wks
    Dim db
    Dim nms
    Dim fld
    Dim itms
    Dim itm
    Dim strAccessDir
    Dim objAccess
    Dim CategoryArray(99,2)
    Dim CustomerArrary(99,2)
    Dim Obe
    Dim MyDB
    Dim Rst
    Dim Rsm
    Dim Counter, CounterStart
    Dim RequestNum
    Dim RqBox

    'Pick up path to Access database directory from Access SysCmd function
    Set objAccess = Item.Application.CreateObject("Access.Application" )
    strDBName = ("\\tabsprod\database\edgar\newcigars\newcigars3.m db")
    'MsgBox "DBName: " & strDBName

    'Set up reference to Access database
    Set dao = Application.CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36")
    Set wks = dao.Workspaces(0)
    Set db = wks.OpenDatabase(strDBName)

    It stops goes into the VB Editor and points to:
    SET DAO = Application.CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36")
    All it does is say "Operation Failed".

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