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    Unanswered: Linked Tables & Security

    Hello again, all!

    I have seen some posts in searching around for security tips and tricks that would suggest placing security on both linked tables in the front-end and the tables in the back-end. Securing the back-end, of course, makes sense. However, what would be the point in securing the links? If you do not have permissions to access the tables, neither forms, queries, links nor reports based on that table will be able to access them. Why, then, would you need to do this?

    Your help's appreciated! Thanks!

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    I think that would be double effort, whichever permissions are the most restrictive will be inforced in the application.

    This is a good tutorial I found on database security.

    The Following Quoted from Headway Systems Site, Table Permissions in a Split Application
    "For this split-file configuration the best plan is to set the table permissions in the database file exactly as required, but to set the default Table data permissions for the new tables in the application file wide open. When the tables are relinked the tighter permissions from the database file will be the effective ones."



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