I have a subform that allows contact information (who contacted, date, notes, etc) to be entered. I have a combo box that allows the choice of the existing contacts for an organization and after it is selected, I want to fill that person's phone, address, email, etc. information. I am able to do this by using me.combo-box-name.column() but the problem is that it replaces those fields in all of the historical records visible on the screen.

Is there some way to only update the fields in the record the user has just chosen the contact?

onchange code:

Private Sub ContactName_Change()

[Coffice] = Me.[ContactName].Column(2)
[Cmobile] = Me.[ContactName].Column(3)
[Caddress] = Me.[ContactName].Column(4)
[Ccity] = Me.[ContactName].Column(5)
[Cstate] = Me.[ContactName].Column(6)
[Cemail] = Me.[ContactName].Column(7)

End Sub