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    Unanswered: autodata backup using crontab in linux RH9

    Hi all

    I'm using oracle 9i and on linux HR9. Now i want to auto databackup using crontab utility in linux.

    in the crontab i write the following :

    59 16 * * * /database/app/oracle/product/ SYSTEM/SYSADMIN FULL=Y file=/data-backup/SYSTEM.DMP

    But it is not working. My oracle home path is correct.

    Please advice me..........

    Thanks in advace you all.
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    1) I do NOT consider using export to provide adequate "backup" for any DB.
    2) cron jobs do not by default run any "dot files" (.bash_profile, etc) so their environment is sorely lacking. Oracle related cron invoked scripts need to manually source in the appropriate "environmental" file(s).
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    Crontab entry:
    05 18 * * * /usr/local/scripts/oracle/exports/ tuhs84 1>>/usr/local/scripts/oracle/exports/export.log 2>&1
    SID (database )NAME = tuhs84

    export ORACLE_SID=$1
    export ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/9.2
    DT=`date +%m%d%y` ; export DT
    EXP_DIR="/export/$ORACLE_SID"; export EXP_DIR
    export BKTYPE=EXP
    export CNAME=$BKTYPE$DT
    LOGFILE="/export/$ORACLE_SID/$CNAME.log"; export LOGFILE
    export EXPLOG="/export/$ORACLE_SID/$NAME.log"
    export EXPFILE="/export/$ORACLE_SID/$NAME.dmp"
    export ORAPAR="/usr/local/scripts/oracle/exports"
    find $EXP_DIR/*.Z -mtime +3 -exec rm {} \;
    find $EXP_DIR/*.log -mtime +3 -exec rm {} \;
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/exp dbbackup/dbbackup file=$EXPFILE log=$EXPLOG parfile=$ORAPAR/exp.par >> $LOGFILE 2>&1 ;
    echo "Export of $ORACLE_SID successful" >> $LOGFILE;
    compress /export/$ORACLE_SID/*.dmp;
    echo "Compress finished at:" >> $LOGFILE;
    date >> $LOGFILE;
    exit 0;

    Please notice that all ENVIRONMENT variables are set from within Also note that the SID name is passed to as a VARIABLE. All the required file names (including the name of parfile) are exported as environment variables. Lastly, the runs a compress against all the created files. This way, the export and log files will be identified by having the date as an integral part of the file name.


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    Almost forgot.
    I only do this as a LAST RESORT. Every week the database goes down for a cold backup, and every night RMAN performs a hot backup. The export is just a little extra insurance, and should NOT be relied upon as you main source of disaster recovery.


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