the error message is
Could not drop object '%.*ls' because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.

I have transactionl replication between server TEST and server A
database ADB

The problem is with the aplication of the inicial snapshot.

I Started with two identical DBs in data and Schema.

And I have un-marked the conflicting relationships the option 'enforce relationship for replication', I did this in both the subscriber server's database (server A) and even on the publisher server's database (server TEST) as well ( and I don't think this is necessary but I did it anyways). And this error comes up in the aplication of the initial snapshot.

I have run the replication indicating that the subscriber already has the same data and schema and that has run fine, is this the proper or recomended way of replication a database that has data and relatioships (foreign keys)???

I just need confirmation that what I'm trying to do is wrong and if the reason is that it is "not supported" or another reason different from wrong logic.

Thanks a lot for any help.