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    Unanswered: run string as command

    I would like to have VB use the value contained in a string as a command.

    Instead of...

    ad![Finished Ends Query]![Blue] = "Test"

    I would like...

    dim testTest as string
    textTest = "[Blue]"
    ad![Finished Ends Query]!<<textTest>> = "Test"

    What should I repleace <<textTest >> with to make this work?
    I have done this in other languages, but can't find out how to accomplish it in VB.


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    Hi, try this
    Dim str1 As String, str2 As String, textTest As String
    str1 = "ad![Finished Ends Query]!"
    textTest = "[Blue]"
    str2 = str1 & textTest & "=""Test"""
    MsgBox str2

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