I have recently finished a small application in Access 2002. For some reason that I no longer remember, the databases (one for tables and one for other objects) were stored in Access 2000 format. Once everything else was ready, I built a workgroup information file and added the desired user and group accounts, permissions, etc.

All of this works fine on my own computer. When I transfer it to a computer that runs Access 2003 and try to open the application using a screen icon with the /wrkgrp switch pointing to the workgroup info file, the application ignores the .MDW file and opens the data base as the Admin user. Since I have deleted all permissions for Admin and added the old procedure to stop the Admin user from logging in, this does not get very far. I tried using the Workgroup Administrator settings to point the data base to the proper .MDW file, but that does not help either.

Is it possible that the new security measures in Access 2003 are causing this problem?

I still have the unsecured version of the two data bases. My next step is to convert them to Access 2002 format, then re-create the formatting and build a new .MDW file, then see if that setup will run in Access 2003.

Any other information or suggestions would be appreciated.