I have a form in a .adp with some values on it that are derived from a lookup

I would like to click a Command Button and Add the Data in the textboxes to a Table

the form is named frmClientLookup and the textboxes are below:


I would like to use a stored procedure to insert the data in the textboxes into a table named tblContacts with the fields ClientID, Name, Address, City

How is this done?

I looked around about passing parameters into a stored procedure but did not get too far.

in the stored procedure (named spInsertClientData) I have the parameters


I also have a command button that runs the sored procedure...

--command button code ---

Dim stDocName As String
stDocName = "spInsertClientData"
DoCmd.OpenStoredProcedure stDocName, acViewNormal, acEdit

--endcode ------

When I click the command button I get a box prompting me for the parameters. I need to use the data in txtClientID, txtName, txtAddress, etc as the parameters

Any help is appreciated - AB