I already asked on the Visual basic forum and somebody suggested me to ask here.

When I use this code:

Dim Conn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim TablesSchema As ADODB.Recordset

Conn.Provider = "MSDASQL"
Conn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Conn.Open "PROVIDER=MSDASQL;dsn=" + sDSN + ";uid=" + USER + ";pwd=" + PASS + ";"
Set TablesSchema = Conn.OpenSchema(adSchemaTables)

I got an error : "Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation."

I work with DB2 v8.1 and MDAC 2.8

I don't have this issue if I work on DB2 v7.1

the suggestion from the VB forum was :
learn how to retrieve the table schema and then use this code :
Set TablesSchema = Conn.Execute(DB2OpenSchemaCode)

My goal is to be able to clean an account with tables, views, procs, functions so I try to list all and after I make a drop.