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    Unanswered: Why is the forum so slow.

    In the last week I have experenced the Oracle dbforum becoming totally non-responsive during the day. The hangups only seem to last 5 minutes or so, but it is extremely frustrating since it happens many times during the day. I am fairly sure that the problem isn't at my end because I can go to any other site and have no problems. I have also tried using IE and Mozilla to see if it was a browser problem, it wasn't.
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    I'm sorry I tried responding to you, but I too got locked up. If anything, it really forces me to proofread my posts now, because trying to repost an edit takes a year. Its funny b/c I used to complain that OTN was horrible, and dbforums was good. Those have completely flip-flopped, with OTN now actually being reliable and dbforums making my year end list of BAD.
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    I'm sorry for the problems about the forum, but i'm happy that today the forum is ok because that let me to find out this wonderful place for all the DB users.

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