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    Unanswered: The logical logs are full. ON-Bar may encounter errors writing to the sysutils datab

    When I run a backup with onbar, I can see following errormessage:

    2004-12-09 12:49:33 15260 15258 Begin backup logical log 260.
    2004-12-09 12:49:33 15260 15258 Successfully connected to Storage Manager.
    2004-12-09 12:49:33 15260 15258 The logical logs are full. ON-Bar may encounter errors writing to
    the sysutils database.
    2004-12-09 12:49:33 15260 15258 Completed backup logical log 260 (Storage Manager copy ID: 1102592973 1102592974).

    But If I list the logs with onstat -l all logs are available. The eintries in the sysutils database seem to be ok

    Thanks for your help

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    If all is fine, where is the problem ?

    Maybe the sysutils database is in short of space ?
    You can use 'onsmsync' to cleanup sysutils, but read carefully documentation.
    Onsmsync cleanup 'sysutils' but also ixbar file and maybe your ism backups if it's supported. (Legato does not)
    Take a backup of ixbar file
    Yves & Willy

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    Our customer complains about the message, because in another environment someone has fixed the problem but no one knows how. It is annoying to see hundreds of warnings in the log file suggesting some action has to be taken.
    Beyond it, the message is wrong, because the logs are'nt full.

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    Me Also

    I'm also getting the same error. Our logical logs did fill up a couple of weeks ago, but the problem was resolved that day. It does appear that the logs are backing up ok but the error is irritating and if it can be resolved I'd like to do so.

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