Good Morning,

I have a question on what would cause the database slow in opening up. The database opens to a form, in the form_open event I have code to setting the form up. It seems to be opening slower each time. I am using Access 2000 FE & SQL Server 2000 BE.
Thanks for your Help.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
On Error GoTo Err_Form_Open

Screen.MousePointer = 11

Call load_const

Me!sampling_sched_list_subform.Locked = True

ReDim display_fields(field_list_length - 1)
ReDim field_list(field_list_length - 1)
Call intialize_field_list 'assign fields in an array
Call prep_sched_input 'initialize, assign, and set up fields in display arrays

Call enable_disable_form(True) 'change the display setting on controls
Call intialize_buttons 'set the captions on buttons

Me!shipping_sched_list_subform.Form!cust_ord_qty_t emp.ColumnHidden = True
Me!shipping_sched_list_subform.Form!shipped_qty_te mp.ColumnHidden = True
Me!shipping_sched_list_subform.Form!shipped_qty_re maining.ColumnHidden = True
Me!shipping_sched_list_subform.Form!pl.ColumnHidde n = True
Me!shipping_sched_list_subform.Form!qlate.ColumnHi dden = True

tsort_state = 1
Call cust_ship_sort_Click

Screen.MousePointer = 0

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Form_Open

End Sub