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    Unanswered: sysadm auth

    Hi everybody,

    I am working with Solaris 5.8 and UDb db2 8.1.6

    I've tried to grant authority to one user to execute snapshots on database, but I receive the error DB21034E and SQL0104N.

    db2 "get sysadm on database to user xxx"
    db2 "get sysctrl on database to user xxx"
    db2 "get sysmaint on database to user xxx"

    I don't want to add this user to sysadm group

    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks in advance

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    Create a group level authorization at the OS level.

    Then specify the authorization group in the DBM config:

    db2 update dbm cfg using SYSMAINT_GROUP XXXXX

    then add the user to the group using OS security.

    In DB2 V 8.2 (version 8 fixpak 7 or higher) there is a new group called SYSMON which is even more specific to what you want.
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    1. There's no such command as "get sys... on database..."
    2. You can't grant sysadm, sysctrl, sysmaint, or sysmon authorities; they are assigned to the specified OS groups.
    3. Add this user to the sysmon group.

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    Ok n_i , I made a mistake It's grant, not get.

    The problem was resolved creating a SYSCTL_GRP and adding the user to this group.

    Thanks a lot

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