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    Unhappy Unanswered: Error 3043 and 3024

    HI, we need help urgent from anybody.
    We have a Visual Basic appication (6.0a) running in a lan with 35 users . Using access 97 database, we are currently experimenting the error 3043, 3024 an other with relation as disconection of network. We debug our application and we didin find anything. The fisrt two months we work fine with 20 users, the problems began with more than 20 users.

    We check switchers, cables, network boards, services packs for XP 2 , the server si Windows 2003 server, and nothing solve the problems. Some one gtell us that may be is a virus that stop the lan service, because the error occurs in a randomly sequence we can not reproduce the error step by stpe. An when the error occurs a cascade of error occurs in differents machines.

    Does anyone have an Idea?

    Thanks for your help.

    Andres W

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    Do you have any wireless connections w/i your network? I've heard of similar problems with wireless. Check out your power saving settings also. I've read elsewhere that often times when the Power Saving is set to On that Access blows up.

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