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    Unanswered: Mysql Administrator issue...

    Hi all gurus,
    I am newbie in Mysql.

    I have installed Mysql server 4.1.7, administrator & control center on Windows XP.

    My problem is:
    1] While trying to connect in MYSQL Control Center, I get error:
    === Error 2003: Can't connect to Mysql server on 'THESERVER' (10061) ===
    [host name is fine, port no is also fine, then where I am doing wrong.... ???]

    2] I can connect to Mysql Administrator, BUT..
    1) Startup Variables are disabled [I can't alter them...]
    2) Clicking SERVICE CONTROL page stops the service and then I could not restart the service again. [seems goophy to me... why its like that ???]
    3) While surfing in Mysql Administrator, after a while I get error message:
    === Mysql Error Number 1226
    User 'root' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (Current value 100)===
    [I set max question value to default (0) or any number, it dosent make difference, and I can't work on administrator unless I re-login]

    3] I have created a .sql file containing all tables & relationships I want. How can I load
    that file in Mysql database. [How can I call/import that .sql file to create tables in Mysql database ??]

    I am stuck in above little mess, would you please help me out from above problem ?

    thank you very much,


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    Pls somebody help...

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    About Control Center...

    Hi nanc,
    I am an Oracle DBA but I had some experience with mysql and its control center so I found it seems to buggy(?).Use another manager such as EMS (its link is on mysql partners list) and also before this try to connect using
    "mysql -h <host> -u <user> -p" and see if there is any problem yet.
    let me know what is going on...
    -Best luck!

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