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    Unanswered: Cannot open any more databases

    I can see another thread on this subject - but I need more info if poss!

    I have a main form with about 16 tabs on and spread across these tabs are about 20 sub forms - I have lots of tables (as u would expect from a good design of database!!) and when the user needs to do other operations I hide the main form (its bound and so closing and reopening would cause performance issues !). The ap is split fe/be and I have a fair number of combo boxes spread around.

    I have now hit this limit and need to do something to reduce the number of tableids used (see other thread)

    How best should I do this - should I take any dlookups and write a generic function which uses sql on the specified table with the given criteria - would this generate a single tableid rather than having many for all the dlookups?

    Should I blank the record source for combo boxes when a tab is hidden from view - would this release tableids ?

    Any other ways of reducing the tableids and I want to keep my User Interface as is !!

    Thoughts appreciated

    Gary Hill

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    Sorry run that by me again, 1 parent form with 16 tabs AND 20 sub forms.
    Sounds a nightmare

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