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    Unanswered: White space after last page footer

    We have a Crystal report that prints on a single page. The report returns only one row of data.

    The report has several page footers. All of the footers are optional -- that is, each of them might be suppressed, depending on the data.

    For example, if the data indicates that the page is not final (dat_final=false), a page footer prints that says "draft". If the page is final (dat_final=true), that page footer is suppressed.

    Here's the problem: When we conditionally suppress the footer, using the "format section" screen, white space unexpectedly appears after the last page footer section, at the bottom of the page, even though that's not where the suppressed page footer section should print.

    We have page footers a through f. If we suppress only a, b through f print normally, but there is white space between f and the bottom of the page.

    The more page footers we suppress, the more white space appears at the bottom of the page.

    Has anyone run into this before? How do we get rid of it?

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    In the Format Section check the option "Suppress Blank Section" Option


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    You see, that is what creates the error. When we do that, white space appears after the last printing page footer.

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