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    Red face Unanswered: figuring minutes between two times

    I've got this huge data entry thing that has to be done monthly and it involves entering a start time and an end time. In order to speed it up, I like to be able to enter the times as 830 (in one cell) 930 (in the other cell). (Instead of 8:30 and 9:30 etc). I then need to find out the MINUTES between the two times (60 in this case). It gets complicated when the times are 759 to 801 because I end up having 42 as my answer... I've sort of found a way around it, but it's complicated. Is there some easy way of doing it that I've missed?


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    Heres a way that you can do this but it only works for 1 particular day i.e.
    0000 to 2359

    =A1 -B1 - 40*(INT(LEFT((LEFT("0000",4-LEN(A1)) & A1),2)) - INT(LEFT((LEFT("0000",4-LEN(B1)) & B1),2)))


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