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    Lightbulb Problem with My System Design

    I've Created a Data Model for my Library System. But I would like get involved with you and would like to verfy that the Data Model I've created is Ok or not?

    The system is for our Library in our office. This Library has Books for the Trainees. So Trainees come down to the library and requests Books(Trainees can take maximum of 2 books for each request). I also maintain the Authors and as well as Publishers. Also I've categoraticaly divided each books as Management, Computers, etc....... Therefore, I maintain a table called Category as well. Below I give the Data Model Entities I've so far created.

    Books(ISBN*, AuthorID, PublisherID, CategoryID, Title, CopiesAvailable, Edition, DatePublished)

    Authors(AuthorID*, Lastname, ForeName, Address, Email, URL, Tel)

    Publishers(PublisherID*, Name, Address, Email, URL, Tel)

    Categories(CategoryID*, Name, Discription)

    Lending_Master(LenID*, ID, DateRequested)

    Lending_Detail(LenID*, ISBN*, DateReturned, IsReceived)

    Trainees(ID*,DeptID, LastName, NameByInitials, Initials, Title, NIC#,Address, Contact)

    Department(DepID*, Department Name)

    FineRate (ChargePerDay, DateModified)

    However the main issue I'm facing is how to maintain the overdue books in this system. Do I need to create a new table for it or not is my main concern here. Therefore I kindly request help from you all to help make a good data model.



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    One simple way to handle overdue information is to have a column called "dateDue" in Lending_Detail table. Then, a comprison of the dateReturned values with the dateDue values would tell you what books are overdue.


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