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    Unanswered: Creating file for BUTIL load


    I want to create a text file to import data via BUTIL load. Looking at some files created via BUTIL recover exemplify that some types like integer or date are encoded in a "strange" format. Can someone tell me, how I can encode them by my own?

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    The records in a BUTIL Unformatted File are stored in the following format:
    <record lenght>,<binary byte image of the record>
    What does that mean? That means that integers are stored in their byte swapped format. Dates are stored as their 4 byte format and so on.
    You would do much better to write a custom import routine that take a simpler format and imports the data or create DDFs for the Btrieve files and use the Import Wizard with Pervasive.SQL 2000 or later. The Import Wizard can pull in data from CSV formats.
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    Thanks for your help - I will try all these things


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