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    Unanswered: Linking table to external text file

    I'm trying to link or import a file wiht "dbf" extension "dBaseIII(*.dbf)".
    Access throws :
    "The Microsoft database engine couldn't fing the object 'Addresses.dbf'."
    I know that Access has no problem with reading "dbf" files.
    Can you help me please .


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    Is this a one off link (ie you are importing the data into an Access db, and then ignoring the dbf), or a permanent link (ie the dbf retains information)

    How have you specified the path to the dbase file. Even when I'm developing on a single PC I tend to fully qualify the location of any external resource with the URL

    I'm not sure how access will resolve the filename to a physical location. Presumably it depends on what you have set your start up directory to be (either in the shortcut or tools | settings)

    So I'd suggest you need to identify where the file is and explcitly tell access at the time of linking where it is.
    \\<servername>\<path to object>
    so presumably in this case it could be
    \\geriatricserver\godknowswhere\dbasefiles\data\ad dresses.dbf

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