Hi All,
I'm creating "DTSExecuteSQLTask" Task in DDQ ActiveX script code. Then I'm trying to execute it from within this code with command:
o_task.Execute o_package, Nothing, Nothing, CLng(0)

but I receive error message:
"Acquiring a connection requires a valid Task name".

What's the matter?

Before executing of the task I run operators:
o_task.Name = "DTSTask_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1"
set o_custom_task = o_task.CustomTask

o_custom_task.Name = "DTSTask_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1"
o_custom_task.Description = "Get_Status_Type"
o_custom_task.ConnectionID = 2
o_custom_task.CommandTimeout = 0
o_custom_task.InputGlobalVariableNames = """PARTY_KIND"";""STATUS_KIND"""
o_custom_task.OutputGlobalVariableNames = """STATUS_TYPE_ID"""
o_custom_task.OutputAsRecordset = True
o_custom_task.SQLStatement = "SELECT "...etc

What's wrong?
Thanks in advance.