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    Unanswered: listbox with combobox, possible?

    hi there!

    I'm not sure is this is possible to do but i'm going to ask anyway. I've already created 2 multiselect listboxes which was fine, now i need to create something similar but not quite. I need to have a multiselect listbox, then whatever you choose in the listbox a sub combobox is there to choose a doctors or chiropractor's name based on each selection. So basically i will be filling this information for a client, then when i choose the selections, let's say a doctor, chripractor and website were my selections for refferal source, my name will be enetered into the database under the doctor and chiropractors name that i chose. here is the requirments:

    Referral source:
    check off all of the following that apply:

    Doctor - have sublists of doctors: Dr. Joe Blow, Dr Bob Simpson etc (please leave me space to add)
    Chiropractor (please leave me space to add): eg. Dr. John Micheals
    Therapist (please leave me space to add): eg. Lois Smith
    Personal Trainer - have sublists (please leave me space to add)
    Company Website
    Past client referred
    **** please put empty boxes where I can add additional categories if needed

    Also, if anyone can help me relate the interactions table based on the client and reasons for consultation(listbox tblClientReasons)

    maybe a listbox isn't the way to go?


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