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    Unanswered: Small Access job / Guidance job

    I am not a programmer and my knowledge is quite limited so please excuse me if i use the wrong termination

    1. I have a small record company with clients and CD sales

    2. So far I documented my sales and clients on Excel. Now I started to learn Access on my own

    3. I developed a small application with my stock, clients and sales on Access

    4. Still I am having some difficulties in getting the full picture and there are some functions I need that I cannot understand on my own.

    5. e.g. I can see how much CDs I sold to John in total. But - How can I see how much CDs I sold to John smith during 2003. or how much CDs from a specific album I sold to john. etc

    Note - I am not looking for someone to write an application for me on Access.
    I am looking for someone to teach/help me with developing this application on my own.
    Either by phone or by MSN.

    my estimation is that what I need is quite basic and not complicated.
    I used some templates, but these are not specifically answering my Record label needs,
    And - I must understand how it works so I wont be dependent on anyone later on.

    If youre interested please contact me asap so we can discuss details and payment


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    Access Tutoring

    I would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you. I have worked with MS Access for over 12 years, have taught several instructional classes, and feel I could help you with your issues. Please feel free to call me to discuss. Any time after 3:30 to day.

    Mike Taylor

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    Smile Access Tutoring

    You can reach me via MSN @

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