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    Unanswered: will a .exe work without the .vbp/ project files in the same computer?

    I was given a task to just update the email address of one person with the new one as it's hard coded in the code. There is nothing hard about it.. but I dont know which .vbp I should change? (because there are several copies of .vbp and .exe are found) and also I dont if the actual .vbp is residing in that computer atall?

    Only thing I know is about a .exe which was last modified on 6/22/02 is in use now. And the changes that I make should reflect when this .exe is run.

    project is written in VB 6.0. There are about 32 Modules and 24 forms in the project.
    And there are about 26 copies of .exe some with same name and some with different names in same and sub folders.
    and 4 copies of .vbp projects
    I didnot count the copies of the forms and modules as I was already gone mental by seeing many copies.

    Please help me by giving suggestion on how to approach this problem,

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    In response to your question in your message title, you dont need any of the files that you have made in a Visual Basic Project on a computer which has an .exe of the project as all of the files relating to that program are compiled into the .exe The only thing each computer that runs the .exe need to have is the Visual Basic runtime library. Now in response to the main bulk of your post, the only thing I could suggest is to see which of the .vbp files has the closest date to the .exe that is being used. Either that or if you know that it has a certain number of forms in it open each of the .vbp files and see which one has that number of forms in it. Sorry if this isnt much help, but thats all I can come up with.

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