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    Unanswered: email cannot find mailserver

    I am using a script that emails me from the WEB page. When I ran it, I got a message "Mail(): Failed to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and smtp_port" settings in php.ini or use ini_set()...

    After doing some checking and reading, I found our WEB server does not have a mailserver. We have another computer that has the mailserver on it.

    The question I have is:

    can the script refer to the other server for the email part of the script?

    or do I really have to change the php.ini file in the web server to point to the mailserver?

    Richard M

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    Try doing this if you have the problem if the mail(). Some time the sendmail_path would be send to a wronge path.
    If you want to change the location of the mailserver you can change that in the $MP variable.

    // Configuration
    $announce_subject = "Message From Our Web Site";
    $announce_from_email = "";
    $announce_from_name = "Our Site";
    $announce_to_email = "";
    $body = "Announcement. Our site has a special offer today. Please visit. Thank you.";
    $MP = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t";
    $spec_envelope = 1;
    // Access Sendmail
    // Conditionally match envelope address
    $MP .= " -f $announce_from_email";
    $fd = popen($MP,"w");
    fputs($fd, "To: $announce_to_email\n");
    fputs($fd, "From: $announce_from_name <$announce_from_email>\n");
    fputs($fd, "Subject: $announce_subject\n");
    fputs($fd, "X-Mailer: PHP4\n");
    fputs($fd, $body);

    Try this this would work

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    Just got back to work today and saw your message. At the same time our IT person corrected the problem with the two servers and now I got email privilages. Thanks for the reponse.

    Richard M

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