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    Question Unanswered: Page skip before 1st subreport

    I have created a report with multiple subreports, all of which use data supplied by queries. They are not related, but some do use start and end date parameters that the user enters in a form. The requirement is for analysis by age groups and other criteria.

    The main report has multiple lines in the detail area. With the subreports placed after the main report the 1st subreport appears on the 2nd page. If I place the 1st subreport in the detail area the 2nd detail line from the main report appears after the subreport. I have managed to get the lot on to one page, more by luck than good judgement, but, when I found an error in my query logic, I had to replace one subreport and found myself back with a page skip after the main report again.

    The solution I found was to convert the main report into a subreport, and then add all the subreports into the detail area of a new report.
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