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    Unanswered: Copy file

    I'm trying to copy a certain file from drive C: to drive D:
    I C: the file with the extension ".dbf". I copy it to Excel file -with extension ".xls".
    When I try to link the copied file in D: to Access.
    Access throws: "Cann't link the specified file..."

    What can be the problem. please help me.

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    the file extension has a specific meaning

    if you want to process the data in the dbf file then I would suggest you Import (File | Get External Data and select if you want a link or import.
    I woudl reccommend that you mport the data into a blank Access database.

    You will need to select the correct xbase filter (dbase II,III,IV...... foxpro etc.)
    renaming the file doesn't change the internal data format.

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