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    Unanswered: A Strange and Bizarre Error

    Okay, here's a really wierd one. I've got this chunk of code as shown below, right?

    PHP Code:
    print "<br><form method=post action=\"/?loc=entertheworld\">";

    $regions array_query("select region_id, name, exp_available from regions");
    $alternate 4;

    "<center>Runs Left: ".$num_runs_remaining;
    "<br><font size=2>$hours hours, $minutes minutes, $seconds seconds left until your next run.";
    "<table cellpadding=10 border=0>";
    $regions as $region) {
    $rank single_query("select letter from ranks where rank_id = '$region[0]'""letter");
    $exp single_query("select exp from users where user_id = '$user_id'""exp");

    $alternate == 4)
    "<td><center><font size=2>";
    $region[2] <= $exp) {
    "<img src=\"imgs/landscapes/$region[0].jpg\" alt=\"$region[1]\" width=120 height=80>";
    "<br><i><a href=\"/?loc=world&region=$region[0]\">$region[1]</a><br>(Rank $rank)</i><br><br>";
    "<input type=radio name=\"region_id\" value=\"$region[0]\"></td>";
        } else {
    "<img src=\"imgs/landscapes/unknown.jpg\" alt=\"Unknown Region\" width=120 height=80>";
    "<br><i><font color=888888>????<br>(Rank $rank)</font></i><br><br><br>";
    $alternate == 0)

    $alternate == 0)
    $alternate 4;        

    For me, this works as it should, and poses no problems at all. Everything looks as it should. Well, for a long time I was working w/o images. I just got an artist, and he sent me some drawings a few days ago. I uploaded them and they showed up on the page just fine. I let the artist know they were up and told him to go check them out. He told me the images weren't there. I doubled checked my code and the page as it loaded for me. No problems on my end. I asked him to check again. Still not there, he said. So, I asked him to send me the source code he was getting and here's what I find:

    <form method=GET action="/?loc=entertheworld">
    <center>Runs Left: 6<br>
    <font size=2>0 hours, 31 minutes, 11 seconds left until your next run.

    <table cellpadding=10 border=0>
    <td><center><font size=2>
    <br><i><a href="/?loc=world&region=1">Hills of Loreth</a><br>(Rank H)</i><br><br>
    <input type=radio name="region_id" value="1"></td>

    This... shouldn't be possible, right??

    - Matt
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