I reinstalled my Forms/Reports Services 10g on my Linux Red Hat Enterprise 3 (ES) box. I can run my WebReports stand alone from the Reports Services Demo through the Web.

However, when I try to invoke my WebReport from WebForm, I generate a correct Web Paper Parameter Form, but when I press the "Submit Query" button, I get a error:

REP-51018: Need Database User Authentication

Entering correct username/password/database info + pressing the "Submit" button, I get the following error:

"Page Cannot be displayed --
Cannot Find Server or DNS Error --
Internet Explorer"

1) Should I specify a server name under the otherparams field in the formsweb.cfg file ?
2) How can I resolve this issue ?


PS: I can invoke the WebReports through WebForms correctly on Oracle 9i iDS. However I get the same REP-51018 followed by REP-50004 errors.