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    Unanswered: I need to move tablespaces

    To free more space, I need to move tablespaces (data,index,rbs,system and
    temp) from an HD to another.
    Can anyone explain to me step by step how to do this work whithout loosing

    In Storage Manager there is not way to do a "move".

    system is windows 2000 server; oracle 8.1.7

    thanks for all help

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    Here are the steps.

    1. Take tablespace(s) off line.
    2. Copy the physical file to new disk/HD
    3. Rename the data file to new file
    4. Bring the tablespace(s) online
    5. Delete old file once files have been verified.

    Alter database RENAME FILE 'data_file_name' TO 'data_file_name'

    Make sure you check the dba_data_files to ensure you are using new files priro to removing the old files.

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    Ok Thanks Very Much!!!

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