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    Unanswered: normal data turned into weird oriental data

    One of the users of an access 2000 mdb. When she closed and opened a form, only chinese (i assume) showed up. anyone know why? multiple users for this system.

    anyone know why it would chaned prvious data into this?

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    I had this happen in a form that turned out to be corrupt. It was a fe/be situation, so I just replaced the corrupt front end. The data was fine, just the font/display was funky. I didn't investigate further, as overwriting the file did the trick.

    Hopefully this will give you some idea.


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    I had this happen and it turned out to be a record access conflict - one user had the record open while another user was trying to edit the same record.

    The way I fixed it was to set up a temporary table in my Front End database to hold the record being edited and update the "live" record in the Back End database when the user finishes her changes.

    Viola! no more chinese characters!

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