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    Unanswered: Exporting a query into Excell

    I have been trying to copy the data in an access query into an excell spreadsheet but some of the fields have quite a lot of data in them (up to 500 characters) and they get truncated when i paste them into excell.

    Does anyone know how to copy it accross without it doing this?

    Thank you.

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    I think i have found how to do it. I think you copy and paste special as text.

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    Hi Catherine W and "Welcome to the Forum"
    If you want the data in an Access query you can go to the DatabaseWindow and then to the Queries. Click once on the Query you wish to use, then look on the ToolBar at the top of the screen and choose Analyze with Excel. That will take your data and place it directly into Excel.
    The other way is if you happen to be in Excel. You would go to Data/Get External Data/ New Database Query. Then a window will pop up to Choose Data Source. Select MS Access Database. Then you simply follow the Wizard and navigate to where your Access Query is located, choose the Fields you wish to bring over and the like. It's pretty easy to follow and works very well. Then you can Save that Query while in Excel and can later Refresh it whenever data in Access changes.

    hope this helps you out and enjoy the forum
    have a nice one,

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