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Thread: which database?

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    Question Unanswered: which database?

    Hi I'm new so be gentle.

    I need to create a database which tracks employee training records and licences(aviation related).
    they need to have recurrent training every 6 months(ie first aid and so on) so I need a database that inputs all personal information, and keeps track of their training and licensing.
    I want to be able to print a report that highlights when their next training is due and when their license will expire. Ideally something that will give a colored alert, i.e. turns red when near the expiry date.
    which is the best program for this.
    i have experience with excel, is it possible to use this program.

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    You could use Excel but it's a flat (1 deminsional) database so I would avoid it if at all possible as you will find the data unmanageable (lots of columns). Excel also doesn't have much in the way of reporting but that's where Crystal can be used.

    Personally, if you have MS Office I'd invest time looking at MS Access. It's not a huge leap from Excel and offers better management of data. It also has a pretty good built in reporting tool that you may prefer over Crystal.

    As for the colouring functionality you'd need to code something into your application (Excel, Access or otherwise) that checked the date of each party to see if it's near or over the date threshold, and act accordingly.

    Regards - Andy

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    thx randycarpet

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