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    Question Unanswered: Using functions within an index

    I'm using AS/400 DB2 V2R5 (I think). Our AS/400 is old, but still beefy and fast. I'm not an expert on the AS/400 but have a lot of experience with SQL.

    I want to create an index as follows:

    create index <some index file name> on <some PF>
    (policy, effdte, coverg, prmste, aslob, burlin,

    I get error: "Token ( was not valid. Valid tokens: ) ,. " because it doesn't seem to like the function within an index. Is there another way to accomplish this? I have a 100,000,000 record file and need a summarization that takes less than 6 hours to run.


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    I'm not sure about AS/400 but you could try creating a "computed" column and include it into the index.

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