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    Unanswered: Counting how many controls are red

    I have a form which acts as an overall process status indicator. There are sixty textboxes which change colour every 5 minutes dependent on various things. Each can either be Red, Amber or Green. I want to have a counter that can tell me how many are currently Red (or Green etc.).

    The attribute that changes is BackColor.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you,

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    What you need to do is loop thru all the controls in your form, and check the background color. Maybe do this in the forms On Timer event?

    put 3 controls on the form to contain the counter values (txtRed,txtlAmber,txtGreen)

    you'll have to adjust the numbers in the constants to the colors you are actually using.

    const clrRed as Long = 255
    const clrAmber as Long = 65535
    const clrGreen as Long = 65280
    const clrGreen
    Dim ctl as Control
    Dim frm as Form
    Dim intRed as Integer, intGreen as Integer, intAmber as Integer
    Set frm = Forms("YourFormName")
    for each ctl in frm.Controls
    *some controls don't have a backcolor property, I assume you want to check only labels and text boxes. See help for ControlType property for other constants
    If ctl.Controltype = acTextBox or ctl.ControlType = acLabel then
    Select Case ctl.BackColor
    Case clrRed
    intRed = intRed + 1
    Case clrAmber
    intAmber = intAmber + 1
    Case clrGreen
    intGreen = intGreen + 1
    End case
    End if
    txtRed.Value = intRed
    txtGreen.Value = intGreen
    txtAmber.Value = intAmber
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