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    Unanswered: Paradox 7 and Excel Files

    I have a system that reads in Excel spreadsheets Microsoft Excel 97-2002& 5.0/95 workbook.

    We are now using Microsoft Excel XP (2002) and there is a type of Template(.xlt) and I was wondering if anyone knows if Paradox 7 can read this format.

    I am using the Import Spreadsheet functionality to bring in the existing file.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You will have to upgrade paradox to 10 or 11

    The problem is that Excel XP once again changed the defaut format and this is especially for the template files which cannot be saved to another version. Since earlier versions of Excel are not compatible with this format it is wishful thinking that an earlier version of another application would be compatible.

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    The previous answer is correct, but I think that latest versions of MsOffice have lots of XML-based file formats: if you believe there's a file format that solves your excel needs and that is made in xml, then surely you can read it in with paradox...

    Just write a simple text/Xml parser and read the file in!
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