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    Unanswered: INNER JOIN problem


    Im using INNER JOIN to join 2 tables that have a column named "id". After I get the recordset I need to use both ids, so I thought I could write:

    RS.fields.item("").value and

    but i get an error saying the column doesnt exist in the recordset.

    if I write
    I get the wrong one in some cases.

    What can I do?

    Im using ASP with MySQL by the way.


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    You probably want to post this in te MySQL section instead of the ASP section. However, you should able to rename your fields in your select query.

    I don't know how MySQL does it but in MS SQL it would be something like...

    Select as 'ID1', as 'ID2' etc.....

    Then you can use myRecordset("ID1") or myRecordset("ID2")

    Having said that, if you are joining on this field then they will always be the same.... won't they?????

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