First, I created a database for a vendor with an Undo Tablespace UNDOTBS. Then the vendor requested me to create rollback segments instead. So I created a new tablespace RBSTBS just to hold these segments. When I tried to create the rollback segment using the newly created tablespace RBSTBS, it complained that I am not allowed to use non-system tablespaces.

So instead, I used the Undo tablespace UNDOTBS to hold the rollback segment. It worked.

Am I really allowed to use the UNDO tablespace to hold rollback segments? Can't I use normal tablespaces for rollback segments?

Another thing, the vendor wanted me to create rollback segments of 200MB each. Where do I set this while creating the rollback segment? Is this the INITIAL, NEXT, or OPTIMAL size?

I know that Oracle recommends using UNDO rather than rollback segments. Is there any advantage in using traditional rollback segments?

Thanks for any help!